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Nipple Tattoos: They’re Not what You Think

Nipple Tattoos: They’re Not what You Think

They’re not just “nipple tattoos” – the correct term is areola tattooing, and the reason why I started this procedure is actually more heartfelt than you may imagine.

I have always had a heart to serve and give back in the world. My career in makeup artistry has definitely fulfilled some of this desire. It’s always exciting to see the transition in confidence when I’m given the opportunity to enhance someone’s natural beauty. But I still felt an ache to give back in a bigger way, with a bigger purpose.

I heard about Micropigmentation and 3D Areola Tattooing for breast cancer survivors or anyone who has experienced an accident, illness, or trauma. I really wanted to offer this service, but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of charging someone when they’ve already gone through such an incredibly painful and scary journey.

My own mother was a breast cancer survivor, and her perseverance still inspires me to this day. Unfortunately, she passed away during COVID, because the aftercare was terrible. I was so taken aback by the situation and wanted to fight for justice. But I felt her spirit gently nudge me and remind me to keep myself focused on what really matters: helping others and giving back. I have learned to harness the hurt during the painful loss of my mother to use it for good.

So, since then, I’ve thrown my energy and time into building women up in even greater ways than before. After researching more about areola tattooing, to my surprise the service can be covered by insurance! (Please make sure you consult your own insurance provider to discuss your options and discover how they can help.)

How relieving. The moment I learned about this, I studied and obtained my certification. I found that it comes second nature to me. The shading and dimensions flowed so easily and came naturally to me due to my expertise in makeup artistry.

If you’re interested in learning more about areola tattooing, please schedule a consultation with me. I provide 3D Areola Tattooing and Scar Camouflage services as well.

I’d love to help restore your confidence. Remember, YOU are a beautiful woman and no one, or no thing can ever take that away from you.

With love,