"Kim “Kimmy” is extraordinary at her craft. She is an artist and a perfectionist, who relentlessly pursues the most innovative tools, technologies and products to make us all look effortlessly gorgeous. Kimmy is a consummate professional, with decades of trusted experience under her stylish belt. I’ve found her to be the best in the business!"
Stephanie D.

"Expert makeup applications, micro blading and brows at it finest. Kim is a perfectionist and has a passion for her clients and great integrity in all that she does. She is a genuine warm hearted woman that works very hard in the business and has built a very solid following. Best in OC ;)"

"I typically don't allow people to touch my eyebrows. I've always been scared to do so with all the horror stories I've heard ( I also have a lot of anxiety about people touching mine so I always just did them myself ). However, after having Kim do mine, I am happy I finally went through with it because what she did was far beyond my expectations. I showed her what shape I do with mine when I do my makeup and she executed them perfectly; her service was fast and her work is flawless. The healing is quick, the aftercare is simple and the overall process to get them done is fairly painless; she also makes sure you're comfortable and checks in with you frequently throughout to make sure you're doing okay. Coming from someone who is incredibly OCD and picky with their brows, if you're looking to get yours microbladed and are hesitant or afraid to do so - I HIGHLY recommend Kim. I promise you won't be sorry!"
Ari A.

"Kim is a gifted artist, technically well trained and competent. I have trusted her abilities for many years for various aesthetic improvements."
Karen G.

"I have been coming to Kim for my brows for 20+years. She was my first to do my microblading and she is an absolute brow whisper! From shape, to color and knowing what works best with you face. Kim takes her time & is a perfectionist! Her passion & experiences in this business is priceless. She is honest and simply lovable. Thank you Kim for your talent and for being so special!"
Victoria C.

"I just want to tell you how "THRILLED" I am with the results of my brows! I have never in my entire life had brows so you gave me the best possible gift.

This was 100% comfortable and even with the first visit, I am super happy. Thank you.

You are always the best at what you do and this takes it to the next level."

Andrea G.

"I have been using Kim’s services for years and she is truly an artist at what she does. Whether I need my make-up done for a special occasion or my brows shaped, I have complete trust in Kim. I highly recommend her boutique."
Shelly R.